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What is the zalando Adtech Lab?

It was founded as metrigo in 2011 by Christian Müller, Philipp Westermeyer and Tobias Schlottke as a managed demand side platform (DSP) in the space of programmatic advertising. German investment & Online Marketing bigfoots such as Dr. Florian Heinemann, Christoph Schäfer and Martin Sinner were engaged at the beginning and the company acted for clients such as mobile.de, Zalando, AxelSpringer and several well-known agencies.

In march 2015 metrigo was acquired by Zalando and is now part of the big Zalando Tech-family, located in the centre of Hamburg. As a division of Zalando SE ‘The leading Fashion E-commerce Platform in Europe’, Zalando adtech lab spearheads data-driven media buying efforts with a focus on fashion-oriented buying strategies for accurate and relevant consumer targeting.

We are Zalando’s ad-technology forge and an integral contributor to Zalando Media Solutions machine learning, high-level database modeling, metrics definition, trend analysis and report generation are crucial to our business.

We are a team of data scientists, engineers and product managers that provides several parts of the Zalando ad-technology and programmatic advertising stacks. Technology-wise we’ve got tough requirements and challenges in the area of low latency and high throughput applications, as well as data science and number crunching, model building and evaluation.

Building the world’s most innovative online fashion platform isn’t where our common purpose ends, however. Zalandos are driven to build a tech culture that reinforces Purpose, Autonomy and Mastery (details here) With these three principles to guide us, we can ensure that each Zalando continues to grow, learn and thrive.

We are located near by the famous Elbphilarmonie at the Hamburg harbour, Landungsbrücken. The office has stunning views of the river Elbe and is located centrally, easy reachable by the U-Bahn, S-Bahn and bus.


Friday, October 6, 2017

#AWS #USERGROUP #MEETUP #ZALANDO #HAMBURG Yesterdays AWS USER GROUP MEETUP at the ZALANDO office in Hamburg had only 1 presentation for once, but wasn't any less interesting and left us even more time for questions, discussions and networking! Our Zalando colleague from Berlin, Raffaele Di Fazio, came especially for you to Hamburg to talk about a bug in one of our Go services that cut off traffic targeting one of our production Kubernetes cluster running on AWS. Raffaele showed how we did conceptually similar mistakes before and why thinking about failures and the famous "FALLACIES OF...
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Tuesday, September 19, 2017

#CLOJURE #MEETUP #ZALANDO #HAMBURG Find some memories of yesterdays CLOJURE MEETUP at the ZALANDO office in Hamburg -> Our colleague Vasilii Avdiushkin was speaking about how streaming applications evolved over time and the pathway to clojure in this respect (bit.ly/2xj6odF). Dmitrii Balakhonskii, our Zalando colleague from Berlin, came to join the Hamburg office too yesterday to talk about techniques, approaches and libraries used at Zalando to do microservices with clojure (bit.ly/2xj486k). As always you can find the presentations on Slideshare...
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Friday, September 8, 2017

#MEETUPS #React #DataScience #ComputerScience #MachineLearning #Statistics Our Zalando adtech lab office was a busy bee lately, hosting 3 Meetups in only 8 days! All presentations are uploaded on our SlidesShare account: bit.ly/2xguruK. Don't miss out on our following Meetups by following our Meetup group: bit.ly/2w4iRkR. Here is looking back at those past Meetup evenings: #COMPUTERSCIENCE #MACHINELEARNING #STATISTICS Matthias Rettenmeier from Zalando adtech lab introduced our team to you this past Wednesday - then Han Xiao & Dr. Kashif Rasul, both from Zalando Research in...
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Why join us?

What does it take to become “a Zalando”? Above all, it requires passion: to experiment, learn, fail, and repeat the process, so that we get stronger and better every day.

Zalandos are proud of the strong community we’ve built. Zalando technologists come from more than 50 countries around the world. With so many languages, backgrounds, beliefs and ideas, interests, hobbies, programming-language preferences, personality types and other characteristics – how do we make it work? By celebrating our diversity and learning from each other.

We are all different, but we are all Zalandos. What unites us is the energy and enthusiasm we share in tackling our common purpose: to deliver award-winning, best-in-class shopping experiences to our 19 million active customers.

Great Benefits!

Culture. Culture of trust, empowerment and feedback, 100+ internal guilds, tech talks, product demos, coder dojos.

Perks. Competitive salary, great shopping discount on a wide range of products on zalando.com, discounts from external partners, relocation assistance for internationals, flexible working times, additional holidays & volunteering time off.

Development. Extensive onboarding, personal branding support focused on leadership, opportunity to attend and speak at conferences.

Peers. International, accomplished experts and self-organized, autonomous teams.

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